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A path forward : BC First Nations and aboriginal people's mental wellness and substance use 10 year plan




It abuse, systemic discrimination, child apprehension, means that each Partner is accountable to the other for over-representation of First Nations and Aboriginal its actions, and for the effective implementation and people in the criminal justice system, and a loss of 5 BC First Nations and Aboriginal People’s Mental Wellness and Substance Use - Ten Year Plan tradition, territories, language, and [...] An individual’s identity, status, centrated and coordinated effort in mobilizing resources, and place in the world are tied to the family, and to one’s policy development, and the use of best practices to ancestors’ traditional territory and the community. [...] A perspectives paper entitled: Mental Wellness and Sub- The Tripartite partners are represented by the First Nations Health Authority, stance Use: BC First Nations Perspectives to Support the the Province of BC (including the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Chil- Development of a Planning Framework and Strategic Plan, dren and Family Development), and the Government of Canada (including the [...] A Provincial Approach to Facilitate Regional and Local Planning and Action dependent upon the commitment of First Nations and identify collective solutions and has given shape to the Aboriginal people, and Federal and Provincial Depart- development of this Plan. [...] The PHO report reminds us about the many factors responsible for the lower socio-economic status and the consequent lower health status of the Aboriginal population and the action needed in these areas to attain wellness for First Nations and 17 BC First Nations and Aboriginal People’s Mental Wellness and Substance Use - Ten Year Plan “I feel encouraged and Aboriginal people.4 Other indicators ref


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