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A soft path for water case study




This includes a discussion of the Basin’s geography and hydrology, water and the local economy, climate change impacts and some aspects of the regional institutional framework for water management. [...] This discussion is not exhaustive; it merely provides a general idea of the character of the place and points to some emerging issues and challenges in the water context as background for the soft path scenarios and analysis. [...] The focus on the Okanagan led to the selection of the Town of Oliver as an applied urban sector case study for the national water soft path study. [...] APPLYING THE SOFT PATH APPROACH This section describes the application of the soft path methodology and planning in the Town of Oliver, BC. [...] In May 2001, the Province published a Code of Practice for the Use of Reclaimed Water (BCMELP 2001), which serves as a guide for using reclaimed water in BC, and is designed to support the regulatory requirements prescribed in the Municipal Sewage Regulation (Schaeffer et al., 2004).



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