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A new approach to funding child welfare in Ontario : CPSCW final report




Many factors contribute to the performance and sustainability of child welfare in Ontario. Among these factors are: the clarity of policy and expectations set by government, the overall structure and organization of the sector, the effectiveness of the Board of Directors and leadership teams of children's aid societies across the province, the talent and commitment of the workforce, the quality of inter-relationships with other sectors relating to children and families, and the approach through which the sector is funded. In June 2010, the Commission to Promote Sustainable Child Welfare issued its first report in which it set forth a four-tiered strategy through which it would advance the sustainability and performance of the sector.


health government education politics children sustainability economy child welfare ethics family government policy regression analysis statistics child protection census welfare substance abuse correlation further education society correlation and dependence dependent and independent variables statistically children's aid society (ontario) explanatory variables children’s aid society dependent variable