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Blood looks very red on the colour television screen : Evolution of representing modern war in America




Many accepted this discourse and the war that it represented because the discourse, so frequently and successfully communicated, has traveled into the sacred territory of ‘common knowledge.’ According to Belsey (2002), the press is silently and anonymously informed by the representation the bourgeoisie transmits of the relations between human beings and the world. [...] Under such conditions of dissent, the US military and government were faced with difficult challenges, and the subsequent strategies undertaken to organize the hoards of press became crucial both to the representation of the war and to the legitimization of war itself. [...] This paper will explore the interests that are produced and supported by the particular frames that have been constructed in Iraq and conclude with an understanding that whatever extent the US Administration may choose to involve the American mainstream broadcast media in the future, in order to preserve the hegemonic status quo dominated by the United States, the dominant narrative frame of war w [...] After the last page is turned, I hope to have shed some light on the carefully planned media-military relationship, how it supports the frames for war, and what the consequences of this relationship are, not only for the media or the military, but for the innocent victims left out of the headlines. [...] Embedded in the Desert In Operation: Iraqi Freedom, as in the Gulf War, an inherent tension between the goals of the media and those of the military quickly became apparent: to report and critically interpret versus the will to win at any cost, a tension that gives the military an incentive to control the information transmitted to the public in order to ensure public support for the conflict (Mis



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