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A Better Future for Canadians




It is time for MPs to come concrete, meaningful actions that we in the together in pursuit of a positive, forward-thinking business community will take to help make agenda that will improve the lives of Canadians the most of the country’s human potential. [...] Even when, in 2008–09, most of economic gravity to Asia, growing isolationism in the world’s developed economies suffered the most the United States and parts of Europe, and rising severe economic and financial meltdown since the international protectionism. [...] The World Bank, meanwhile, establishment still leaves Canada without a reliable, ranks Canada 21st in the world based on the quality nationwide source of data on the state of the of trade and transportation infrastructure, such as country’s infrastructure, and no independent source ports, railroads and highways. [...] A recent analysis rates of increase in the old-age dependency ratio by the Conference Board of Canada concluded that in the industrialized world, and will push the ratio of such an approach would add 5.3 million workers to retirees to workers above the OECD average by 2030. [...] This includes cement, steel and reliable and affordable energy and resource products other metals that are required to connect renewable to Canadian citizens and the world has contributed energy sources to markets, to construct new public significantly to government revenues, provided transit systems and the charging infrastructure well-paying jobs across the country and allowed for electric vehic


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