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Too cool for school : Investigation into the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities' oversight of Bestech Academy Inc. and enforcement of the Private Career Colleges Act




July 2009 8 33 In considering whether to grant registration or renew a registration, the Superintendent appointed under the Act must be satisfied that: • It is in the public interest to grant the registration or to renew the registration;6 • The applicant will operate the private career college in compliance with the Act and regulations; • The vocational programs that are provided, or are proposed [...] The Superintendent also has the authority to refuse to register an applicant, and to refuse to renew or to suspend or revoke a registration in certain circumstances subject to the right of the applicant or registrant to require a hearing by the License Appeal Tribunal and ultimately appeal to the Divisional Court.9. [...] The Superintendent also has the power to use any data storage, processing or retrieval device used in connection with the business, remove for examination and copy anything relevant to the inquiry or examination and take samples of information used in providing a program.22 45 The Act also provides for the issuance of notices of contravention and the imposition of administrative monetary penalties [...] For good measure, the Ministry once more referenced the fact that if the school failed to submit the completed application by the requested date and continued to operate despite the restraining order, it might be subject to penalties under the offence provisions. [...] On October 27, 2008, an instructor and former student of Bestech Academy contacted the Ministry, alleging that he had invested $85,000 of his retirement income in the school, and that the landlord would be changing the locks by the end of the week.



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