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"Remote" in the eastern Caribbean




To give just one illustration of the extent to which its resources are outmatched, Antigua’s ambas- Given these innovative features, the salience of the case sador at the WTO at the start of this case (Sir Ronald goes well beyond the technical/legal modalities and is Sanders) also served as the High Commissioner to the further reinforced by the distinctive nature of the Inter- United Kingdom (Beat [...] As the case went forward, for Antigua was whether a US ban on online gambling the divergence between the US support for some models violated a “specific commitment” by the US to liberalize of gambling at home and the projection of a strong impulse trade in a component of “recreational services.” That is to to ban other models of gambling offshore became thor- say, the case rested on the issue of w [...] However, the motivations to go remote States government, and the United States wanted the in the case of the gambling industry appear to be more assets, and the assets disappeared. [...] At odds with the nesses, in discussions it became clear that in some cases external stigmatization of the industry, the regulatory it would be possible to use the gaming industry for the authority in Antigua (Department of Gaming in the purposes of laundering through players' accounts held with the gaming industry. [...] Irrespective of the temporary nature of many latory regime included the establishment of The Antiguan of the jobs in online gambling, either because of periodic Directorate of Offshore Gaming, the mandate of which shakeups in the industry, or because of the need for more included customer complaints, some problems spilled over staff at peak moments in the year (particularly with beyond this body.



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