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A good jobs economy in BC : Ideas from the CCPA-BC's jobs conference




A Good Jobs Economy in BC IDEAS FROM THE CCPA–BC'S JOBS CONFERENCE By Seth Klein FEBRUARY 2016 A GOOD JOBS ECONOMY IN BC Ideas from the CCPA– BC’s Jobs Conference By Seth Klein February 2016 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS This paper discusses presentations and papers from A Good Jobs Economy in BC, a conference held in Vancouver in November 2014. [...] The opinions and recommendations in this report, and any errors, are those of the authors, and do not necessarily reflect the views of the publishers and the funders of this report. [...] The following summary highlights some of the policy ideas contained in those papers, with more than 50 policy proposals for the creation of good jobs in BC — plenty for any government or party to choose from in the development of a vibrant jobs agenda. [...] As a case in point, Hall reviews the data on the number and nature of jobs that port infrastructure has created (focusing on port-related trucking, longshoring, warehousing and freight services industries) and finds that in 2006 between 17,500 and 22,500 jobs in the Greater Vancouver area were directly linked to the maritime trade function of the port. [...] A GOOD JOBS ECONOMY IN BC: Ideas from the CCPA– BC’s Jobs Conference 21 • When a public bank creates money (via the provision of credit), the interest earned is returned to the public rather than to shareholders.



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