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A strategic study for the music industry in Ontario




A Strategic Study for the Music Industry in Ontario 7. Investing in the capacity of the industry to implement and innovate Finally, the implementation of the recommendations requires investment in the capacity of the intermediary organizations, associations, and the like. [...] Recommendation: We recommend that the Ontario Government recognize the importance of a vibrant music industry in Ontario in a tangible way – such as the announcement of a package of measures designed to support and promote the music industry. [...] The purpose of this study is to provide both the OMDC and the Ontario music industry with information and analysis leading to the development of a comprehensive sectoral strategy for the music industry in Ontario. [...] A Strategic Study for the Music Industry in Ontario 13 2 The Context of the Study In this section, we situate the music industry within the context of the shift in Ontario’s economy, which is defined in part by the growing prominence of the creative industries. [...] As the music industry is very much part of the entertainment and media cluster, it is relevant to reference the growth of the cluster as a whole in the last several years.


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