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Our search for safe spaces

10 Feb 2010

One of the most pervasive and damaging outcomes of these factors is the widespread occurrence of sexual violence and exploitation of Aboriginal women and girls. [...] The objectives of this study were: - To explore the ways in which AWHAs understand and cope with experiences of sexual violence in their personal lives and in the context of Aboriginal culture. [...] Many of the participants were exposed to violence through childhood experiences of physical, sexual and emotional abuse, neglect, parental drug and alcohol use, the legacy of residential schools and the foster care system. [...] THE CONTEXT OF SEXUAL VIOLENCE AGAINST ABORIGINAL WOMEN AND GIRLS To fully understand the extent and impact of sexual violence suffered by Aboriginal women and girls it is critical to situate this issue in the context of a pervasive environment of historical, social and interpersonal violence in general. [...] A thorough review of the literature yielded very limited research on the connections between HIV/AIDS and sexual violence in the context of gender, culture and the impact of colonization on Aboriginal peoples.
health politics domestic violence crime women violence discrimination hiv infections aids behavioural sciences child abuse culture family medicine rape women's health communicable disease sexual health indians, north american child sexual abuse sexism abuse foster care health treatment assault violent first nations child neglect virus disease abusive native women emotional abuse hiv-positive persons child maltreatment hiv-positive women interpersonal violence


Hawkins, Kimberly

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