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A Historical Survey of Canadian International Treaty Diplomacy /




In Canada, the there are signatory records.14 The authors have treaty-making process is currently based on the begun to analyze the history and evolution of the 2008 Policy on Tabling of Treaties in Parliament and multilateral treaty system and its implications for Canadian practice.19 The objective of the policy is global order and politics. [...] The Treaty of Paris of 1763 and the Treaty of Paris of 1783, however, did not mark the end of military The mid-1800s was a period of increased cross- conflict between the United States and Great border trade between the United States and the Britain. [...] The by three other agreements that would help United States’ termination of the treaty in 1866, solidify peace and bring greater economic combined with a potential expansionist threat prosperity: the 1817 Rush-Bagot Agreement,34 following the American Civil War, helped bolster the Anglo-American Convention of 181835 calls for unification of the British colonies and and the Reciprocity Treaty of 18 [...] Britain Berger’s landmark study on Canadian imperialism between 1867 and 1914 ceded all of Rupert’s Land south of the forty-ninth parallel and east of analyzed the ideas of leading proponents of Canadian involvement in the Continental Divide, including all of the Red River Colony south of the British Empire and some of the empire’s most persistent critics. [...] The opportunity arose in 1923, when during World War I, Christie travelled with Borden an agreement concerning fishing rights in the North to the 1917 and 1918 meetings of the Imperial War Pacific Ocean, known as the Halibut Convention,57 Cabinet and to the 1919 Paris Peace Conference.52 was negotiated with the United States. As the issue at hand was the sole concern of Canada and the As Canada’s


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