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A Renewed Approach to Policing in Indigenous Communities – Engagement Summary Report: What We Heard




Governance • Participants in the Western and Central/Atlantic Canada sessions were generally in favour of Community Consultative Groups (CCGs) as being a leading and promising practice in promoting dialogue and communication between the police service and the community. [...] The primary objectives of the regional sessions were to: • Provide a forum for stakeholders and the federal government to engage in dialogue and knowledge sharing; • Inform the development of options on a renewed approach to Indigenous policing. [...] Such a process is believed to support broad-based involvement of Elders, the community at large and political leadership in articulating views for the future of Indigenous policing; • Participants suggested that there is significant data that is in the hands of Indigenous organizations which could assist the renewal process moving forward. [...] Fundamental questions to be addressed might include, “is the intended goal of funding Indigenous policing services purely law enforcement, or should it be broadened to include overall community safety?” and “what are the fundamental values driving the initiative?” In asking and seeking answers to these questions, partners can begin to clarify the primary drivers and underlying principles of a rene [...] The question of “what” explores the activities that might be relevant in support of achieving the vision and objectives of a renewed approach to policing.


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