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Are we there yet?" : Y sommes-nous arrivés?" : questions relatives au transport des personnes handicapées ou aînées habitant au Nouveau-Brunswick




TRANSPORTATION RESOURCES FOR PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES AND/OR OLDER ADULTS LIVING IN NEW BRUNSWICK For the purposes of this paper, we are looking at issues and resources that are linked to transportation options for persons with disabilities and/or older adults to travel within New Brunswick. [...] Financial Resources a. The Vehicle Retrofit Program of the Department of Transportation offers financial assistance towards the costs of retrofitting a vehicle to make it accessible for persons with disabilities. [...] The Department of Health and Wellness, the Department of Transportation and the Department of Public Safety need to resolve the issue of who has the ongoing responsibility to fund the Adapted Driving Service at the Stan Cassidy Centre for Rehabilitation. [...] Conduct program research to determine real operating costs and to develop a menu of best practices in terms of transportation options appropriate to the needs in the community. [...] The budget for the provincial Vehicle Retrofit Program should be given a special one-time increase to clear the backlog of applications to the end of the current fiscal year.


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