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Sustainable Trade in Turtles and Tortoises

20 Jun 2017

The information contained herein is the responsibility of the authors and does not necessarily reflect the views of the governments of Canada, Mexico or the United States of America. [...] The taxonomy of the T. carolina group is dynamic, with several research results Dermatemys mawi is the only living member of the family recommending recognition of the isolated Mexican sub- Dermatemydidae, and is native to Mexico (and Belize and species T. carolina mexicana and T.c. [...] Hence, the man- The importation of turtles is also regulated under the agement and conservation of native turtle species is the Health of Animals Act and the Health of Animals Reg- responsibility of the provinces, and CITES implementation ulations, which are implemented by the Canadian Food is the responsibility of the federal government.2 Inspection Agency (CFIA) (Canada 1990). [...] The LGVS establishes the national policy for wildlife protection and DGVS is responsible for the management of wildlife in the sustainable use, via the SUMA program and the Official country and the implementation of the General Wildlife Mexican Standard NOM059-SEMARNAT-2010 (NOM- Law (Ley General de Vida Silvestre—LGVS) In addition, 059) on Mexican species at risk. [...] The purposes of UMA are the restoration, protec- for the integration of SUMA and the inclusion, estab- tion, maintenance, recovery, reproduction, repopulation, lishment, management and operation of the UMAs reintroduction, and rehabilitation of wildlife; its sustainable (DOF 2014).
agriculture environment food conservation natural resources biology endangered species ethics nature endangered society endangered species act of 1973 iucn red list emydoidea blandingii spotted turtle plastron gopherus morafkai central american river turtle desert tortoise gopher tortoise gopherus agassizii clemmys guttata turtle terrapene carolina blanding's turtle gopherus polyphemus turtle shell dermatemys mawii box turtle
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