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A guide to global nuclear governance




It also guarantees the right of all states members of the IAEA and are subject to some safeguards to peaceful nuclear technology, and commits the five with respect to some nuclear facilities and materials. [...] Cooperative Threat Reduction (CTR) G-8 Non-Proliferation Experts Group (G-8 NPEG) The United States, Russia, and the former Soviet states The G-8 NPEG includes the G8 nations and is dedicated have cooperated on a number of initiatives to reduce and to combating the proliferation of weapons of mass destruc- secure stockpiles of materials and equipment in the former tion. [...] The program aims to the Civil Liability for Nuclear Damage address the potential vulnerability of the borders of the former Soviet states to the smuggling of WMD and The convention entered into force on November 12, 1977 related components. [...] The aim of the program is to 1971 Convention Relating to Civil Liability provide a financial incentive for the reduction of Russian in the Field of Maritime Carriage of Nuclear Material stockpiles of HEU that can be used in a nuclear device. [...] Evaluation and Review • Transport Safety Standards Committee (TRANSSC) – The IAEA established the following bodies for the purpose The TRANSSC advises and reviews the IAEA on safety of assisting member states in the evaluation and review standards pertaining to the safety of transport of radio- of their nuclear activities: active material.



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