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A descriptive profile of older women offenders : Profil descriptif des délinquantes âgées




Aging prisoners represent a special population that require addressing specific needs, particularly elements concerning adjustment, rehabilitation, programming, and parole. Most of the existing literature examining the needs of the aging prison population originates in the United States, and typically limits its sample to male offenders. Consequently, there is a need to examine the different characteristics and needs of older women offenders in Canada, in both a correctional and community setting. The purpose of this study was to: 1) to provide a comprehensive profile of older women offenders; 2) to compare the assessed levels of risk and need of older women and younger women offenders; and 3) to assess the relevance/use of a typology to classify older women offenders.



health education prison crime criminal justice behavioural sciences criminal law criminology homicide justice delinquency juvenile delinquency law law enforcement parole prisoners women prisoners crime, law and justice punishment (criminal) criminal history pro-social missing data delinquents career criminals habitual offender habitual offenders older prisoners