Securing an open society : Canada's national security policy
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Securing an open society : Canada's national security policy




The Government is determined to build a system that works to continually enhance the security of Canadians and contribute to the creation of a safer world. [...] The Government is determined to pursue our national security interests and to be relentless in the protection of our sovereignty and our society in the face of these new threats. [...] The Scope of the National Security Policy National security deals with threats that have the potential to undermine the security of the state or society. [...] The Government of Canada agrees that the key to providing greater security for Canadians and to getting the most out of our security expenditures is to co-ordinate and better integrate our efforts. [...] The Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness and the Cabinet Committee on Security, Public Health and Emergencies, supported by the National Security Advisor, will ensure the development and implementation of the security system described above.

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