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A profile of Aboriginal peoples in Ontario




As well, the policy part of the Inquiry will include references to Aboriginal youth and demographics, where Aboriginal peoples live in Ontario, and the evolving social conditions and experiences of Aboriginal peoples in Ontario. [...] However, there are more Aboriginal people in Ontario than in any other province in Canada, and the City of Toronto has one of the largest, if not the largest, Aboriginal population in the country. [...] I. THE CENSUS OF CANADA 2001 The 2001 Census of Canada (the Census) is the main source of information for the data presented in this paper.2 Data from the Department of Indian and Northern Affairs 2 “On May 15, 2001, Statistics Canada conducted the Census of Population and the Census of Agriculture to develop a statistical portrait of Canada and its people. [...] They have traditionally lived above the treeline in the area bordered by the Mackenzie Delta in the west, the Labrador coast in the east, the southern point of Hudson Bay in the south, and the High Arctic islands in the north. [...] The Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples states the following about the term “Aboriginal”: THE TERM ABORIGINAL obscures the distinctiveness of the First Peoples of Canada—Inuit, Métis and First Nations.



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