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Characteristics of Canadian manufacturing firms that undertake design activities : Caractéristiques des entreprises manufacturières canadiennes qui exercent des activités de conception, analyse empirique des résultats de l'Enquête sur les technologies de pointe 2007




In section three, the characteristics of firms that carry out design activities including industrial and size distribution of firms, percentage of full-time employees engaged in research and development (R&D), adoption of advanced technologies, expenditures on design activities, and exporter status are presented. [...] Results of the SAT 2007 show that the majority of the firms that carry out design activities are exporters and that firms that carry out design activities are more likely to be exporters than firms that do not. [...] In all of the above-mentioned cases, substantial parts of the knowledge content of the production processes of firms are being outsourced to high wage nations, 8. Core activities are deemed to be those that underpin the ability of the organization to outperform the competition (McIvor, 2000). [...] Design workshops of the world: the production and integration of industrial design expertise into the product development and manufacturing process in Norway and the United Kingdom.



innovation economics economy science and technology design chemical industry competitiveness culture electronics industrial design industry manufactures manufacturing outsourcing human activities artificial objects statistical economist statistically innovators statistically significant standard error produits manufacturés statistically significantly