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2018 Our city




United Way of Winnipeg This report is intended to help inform and continue the important conversations taking place between individuals, leaders, and policy-makers relative to our city’s sustainability and the complex relationships between the environmental, economic, and social factors of well-being. [...] In 2003, the City expanded the able to reduce the total amount of waste to 312 number of items allowed in recycling bins and kg per capita. [...] The quality of air a ects our health and ability to be active in the outdoors and is a refl ection of the type and amount of energy we use. [...] The AQHI is a scale designed to help the public understand Air quality relates to SDG 11: the health implications of air quality and make decisions Make cities and human settlements based on the air quality. [...] The number of housing starts in a city is a strong economic indicator providing insight into the growth of the city in terms of population, homeowners, and long-term investment.


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