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A matter of trust : Question de confiance : rapport de l'Enquêteur indépendant sur les allégations concernant les régimes de retraite et d'assurances de la GRC




Pursuant to that conviction the members have in the integrity appointment, my mandate was to examine of the RCMP and the profound certain questions and make certain disappointment in their senior leadership for recommendations relating to the RCMP's allowing this set of circumstances to occur. [...] These events cannot be was conducted in an appropriate and timely allowed to compromise the pride which the manner; (ii) whether the members and members of the Force have in belonging to employees involved in the reporting or the RCMP or the confidence and trust which reviewing of mismanagement were treated Canadians place in the RCMP. [...] After sifting through the from the RCMP and from all other various versions of the events, the picture of departments of government to whom we the RCMP and its culture that has emerged turned for assistance. [...] In the remainder of the report, regular members of the RCMP are referred to by Finally, I would like to highlight the fact rank, but we have used the abbreviated form that three of the individuals who participated of those ranks. [...] Office of the Independent Investigator This report benefited from the work of the professionals that came together to form the staff of the Office of the Independent Investigator.


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