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By crafting and using killer cover letters, not only are you adopting a proactive approach to the search process, but you are sparking more interest in your qualifications, attracting more potential employers with whom to interview, and increas- ing the speed with which you land the job you want. [...] For quick reference, turn to the Index of Letters by Industry and Job Title and the Index of Letters That Address Specific Issues at the end of the book. [...] What’s more, you’ll find expert tips, templates, and samples to help you create your own killer resume! Downloadable templates and samples for Creating Killer resumes If you don’t already have a resume to use in your job search, you can use the templates and samples included here to create your own. [...] You can thank recruiters and hiring managers for maintaining a focus on the human side, the person at the core of the “search.” What’s up to you, then, is to tap the resources that are available to you, create optimal connections to people to whom you present the unique combi- nation of strengths, talents, experience, and achievements that you, and you alone, have to offer. [...] Let the search begin! Guidelines to speed Your search In addition to capitalizing on the opportunities afforded to you by tech- nology and the Internet, here are additional guidelines to help speed your search.


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