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A report on lessons learned following a Clostridium difficile outbreak in acute care




There is a discrepancy in data reported by the Field Epidemiologists compared to that provided by the Department of Health and Wellness and CBDHA as the data from the Field Epidemiology report was only up to May 6th, 2011 (prior to the outbreak being declared over May 27th, 2011) and some of the infections may not have been included because of specific outbreak case definitions. [...] This on-site presence allowed the consultants to cursory gauge the level of infection prevention and control oversight in other areas such as Sterile Reprocessing and Endoscopy departments, with general infrastructure challenges, and the degree of compliance of staff with infection prevention and control practices in general, regardless of the outbreak situation. [...] The role of Public Health in the CBDHA C.difficile outbreak included the coordination of obtaining Field Epidemiologists from the Public Health Agency of Canada to assist in providing epidemiology support to the outbreak. [...] The principal functions of an effective IP&C program are to protect the patient, visitors and the healthcare worker and to ensuring sustainability of healthcare delivery by: performing surveillance appropriate to the institution, clinical services provided and accepted regional and national standards ensuring critical data and information, including surveillance data, is managed and analyzed a [...] It recommends that ICPs acquire and maintain current knowledge and skills in the area of infection prevention, control and epidemiology including completing a basic infection prevention and control training course within the first 6 months of entering the profession and becomes certified in infection prevention and control when eligible.


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