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A Report on the Relationship Between Restorative Justice and Indigenous Legal Traditions in Canada /




'This report is intended to help readers better understand restorative justice and Indigenous legal traditions on their own terms, as well as help readers understand the relationship between them. It will discuss restorative justice and Indigenous legal systems independently, and through this process, will demonstrate how they are both similar in several respects, yet also quite different in other respects. This report will highlight how most, if not all, Indigenous legal traditions contain principles and mechanisms that can be described as promoting community healing, reconciliation, and the reintegration of the offender'--Executive Outline, p. 3.


government politics crime criminal justice psychology criminal law culture ethics indigenous peoples justice law offenders philosophy restorative justice human activities treaty crime, law and justice assault judiciary ethical principles victims of crime morality declaration on the rights of indigenous peoples sentencing circles undrip truth and reconciliation commission’s r. v. gladue