A New Survey Measure of Disability : Canadian Survey on Disability, 2012
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A New Survey Measure of Disability : Canadian Survey on Disability, 2012




Section 3 covers the development of the DSQ, starting with a description of the social model of disability on which the new DSQ are based, followed by a general overview of the questions that worked well during qualitative testing. [...] Section 4 describes the goals in creating the DSQ, the disability types covered, and the reasoning behind the use of filter and screener questions, and presents the wording of the questions for each of the 10 disability types. [...] Post-censal disability surveys In May 1980, the Special Parliamentary Committee on the Disabled and the Handicapped was formed with the mandate to report to the House of Commons on the needs and concerns of persons with disabilities. [...] For the household component of the 1986 HALS, the Census filter question was used to divide the population into two groups: those who replied affirmatively to the filter question (the YES population), and the others (the NO population). [...] Since the goal with the DSQ is to move toward the social model of disability and away from the medical model, this conceptual difference is problematic and results in the identification of somewhat different populations.

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