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2010 report on organized crime : Rapport sur le crime organisé 2010




The role of the national and provincial bureaus in advancing this model is to facilitate a cross-agency assessment of criminal markets, identify existing crime patterns and anticipated criminal trends through a rigorous analysis of shared data and criminal information. [...] While this report offers insight into how law enforcement is working together to detect, disrupt and prevent the harmful effects of organized crime, it is also intended to offer the public a glance into some of the criminal markets that are active in the Canadian environment. [...] The first section examines the foundations of organized crime and, because this is the 25th anniversary of the CISC Report on Organized Crime, it also provides a general overview of the evolution of organized crime in Canada. [...] The report provides Canadians an overview of the criminal markets that are prevalent in Canada and alerts them to the potential threats of illicit activity. [...] The Canadian Integrated Response to Organized Crime (CIROC) was created in June 2007 through a joint initiative of the Organized Crime Committee of the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police and Criminal Intelligence Service Canada.


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