With our best future in mind : Dans l'optique de notre meilleur avenir : mise en oeuvre de l'apprentissage des jeunes enfants en Ontario
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With our best future in mind : Dans l'optique de notre meilleur avenir : mise en oeuvre de l'apprentissage des jeunes enfants en Ontario




It reflects what literally thousands of parents and practitioners told me – to make Throughout this report, 4- and 5-year-olds must readers will find the inter acknowledge the special effective use of the facilities and resources we have, ests and concerns of concerns of Aboriginal eliminate bureaucratic duplication, and respond to the Aboriginal peoples high communities. [...] But it The new system would be developed under an Early Years Aboriginal leaders and is the truest of truths that Policy Framework and led by a new Early Years Division in practitioners, and made teaching the love of learning to our little ones is the the Ministry of Education providing overall leadership, visits to on- and off- reserve early learning Creator’s way of helping us all direction, and [...] The division’s Early Years Policy effective horizontal collaboration and cooperation will Framework would encompass the requirements of the Day continue to be required across ministries, the government Nurseries Act and provincial guidelines for other early needs a single minister and ministry to hold accountable childhood programs, creating a new set of policy, funding, for the well-being and lea [...] We must strategies and to read building worked for support all schools to take on the role of provider of full- and talk more with their parents who were new to day learning for 4- and 5-year-old children and assume the children. [...] B: EXTENDED DAY PRIMARY PROGRAM The introduction of full-day learning and the The implementation of the Early Learning Program and reorganization and consolidation of services will create the consolidation and reorganization of existing resources cost-efficiencies to allow a more affordable parent fee for will allow school boards to offer a full-year Extended Day extended day activities.

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