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A Matter of Trust The Role of Communities in Energy Decision-Making




Government of Saskatchewan, Crown Investments Corporation of Saskatchewan Copies of the A Matter of Trust: The role of comminities Government of Saskatchewan, Ministry of the Economy in energy decision-making report and the six case studies are available for download on the Canada West Imperial Oil Limited Foundation and Positive Energy websites. [...] The In the hearings, concerns with the need for the line, regulators were restructured by the government during environmental impacts, health hazards, impact on the lead-up to the formal application for approval. [...] In this stage of the process, the EUB only discussed the western The Alberta Electric System Operator (AESO)1 location of the line and not the need for the project. [...] The EUB accepted the application investigators to infiltrate the landowners group and directed AltaLink to build the proposed AC and provide information back to the EUB board. [...] Because there is no consensus on what progress looks like, In the minds of participants, the experience with however, they think it is a challenge the government the EUB in the ill-fated Phase 1 process cannot be needs to address through the legislative process.


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