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2009-2010 budget : Ensure the quality of and funding for public services : 2009-2010 budget




Policy for the funding of public services The policy for the funding of public services seeks, through better user fee practices, to enhance the funding of services to maintain quality and ensure transparency and accountability in the fee-setting process. [...] Based, in particular, on the Report of the Task Force on Fees for Public Services,2 which highlighted the shortcomings of current practices pertaining to user fees, this document presents: ⎯ the new policy for the funding of public services; ⎯ a timetable for implementation until 2012; ⎯ the 2007-2008 Report on the Funding of Public Services. [...] Under the policy, funding for public services hinges on the following principles: ⎯ the rigour of the method of funding the services that the government offers, in particular through a knowledge of the cost of fee-based services, the enhancement of services and the evaluation of public policies that include a user fee component; ⎯ the efficiency and fairness of resource allocation, in particular b [...] Ensure the Quality of and Funding 4 for Public Services 1.4 Fee-setting process 1.4.1 Funding method The method of funding the services offered by the public entities that are subject to the policy must be established according to the nature of the benefits that such services generate, in keeping with the notion of the beneficiary-payer.4 ⎯ Pure public goods (services whose benefits are exclusivel [...] Ensure the Quality of and Funding 14 for Public Services 1.5 Roles and responsibilities of the interveners The implementation of the policy covers the entire government.


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