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A decade of research on the environmental impacts of pulp and paper mill effluents in Canada (1992-2002) : Dix ans de recherches les effets sur les environnementaux des effluents des fabriques de pâtes et papiers au Canada (1992-2002)




Some of the concerns included the influence of natural variability, the selection of reference sites, the mobility of sentinel species and the influence of potential confounding factors. [...] Of the 124 mills subject to the of the make up of the organochlorine regulations in 1996, 79 mills deferred content of effluents and at that time it was compliance to then. [...] The constant regulations on dioxins and furans were evolution of the program was designed to achieved by reducing the amount of dioxin allow mills to identify and differentiate precursors introduced to the process, as causes of the observed effects, and to well as reducing the opportunity for the evaluate their significance, so that they may precursors to become chlorinated implement the necessary [...] Continued the reproductive growing season for studies into impacts in the biosynthetic evidence of potential recovery following the pathway measured both the levels of the installation of secondary treatment in the fall steroid precursor substrates and assessed of 1989. [...] The chlorine bleaching resulted in chlorination original objectives of the research program of the biologically active compound(s) launched by the Minister were to identify the and, if so, whether the presence of causative organochlorine compounds, to chlorine bleaching affected the threshold determine how to eliminate them from the or persistence of biological effects.



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