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Case study : Integrating essential skills for success : FundyPros speciality construction




An essential skills training program was launched at FundyPros Specialty Construction firm in New Brunswick to help build the capacity of supervisors within the organization by supporting them to develop the skills needed to succeedin their jobs. To create a positive learning environment that would foster an appetite for continuous learning, founder and president Mario Allain engaged employees at all stages of the program's development and implementation. The training program helped each supervisor to develop a variety of essential skills required for their position including writing and computer use. By including familiar workplace documents in the training, participants were able to see how what they were learning related to their tasks and responsibilities on the job.


education school curriculum science and technology training adult education behavioural sciences business career development employment labour leadership literacy teachers vocational guidance learning needs assessment cognition competencies further education employee teaching and learning competence (human resources) competency self-confidence