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2005 compendium of NWT-wide measures : Compendium of NWT-wide measures




The Strategic Plan sets broad direction for government by listing priorities and actions in support of the goals of the Legislative Assembly. [...] The 2005 Progress Report on the Strategic Plan presents key activities and achievements of the government that support the vision, goals and priorities of the Strategic Plan. [...] This report, the 2005 Compendium of NWT-Wide Measures, provides the results of measures that have been developed corresponding to each of the goals identified in the Strategic Plan. [...] List of Measures The following is the list of measures related to each of the goals in the Strategic Plan: Goal 1 A strong northern voice and identity. [...] Results for Primary Indicator: There has been a steady decline over the past 20 years in the percentage of Aboriginal persons 15 years of age and older in the Northwest Territories that speak an Aboriginal language.


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