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Road map to a self-sufficient energy future in New Brunswick




Center in Nova Scotia, The Conservation Council of New Brunswick and The Road Map to a Self-Sufficient Energy Future Table of Contents i ii Preface 11 Part III: The Road to Energy Self-Sufficiency Developing New Brunswick’s Energy Efficiency Resources 1 PART I. The NewBrunswick Context To Create an Energy Efficient New Brunswick New Brunswick and Global Climate Change Breaking New Brunswick’s Depe [...] Over the course of the next 20 years,New Brunswick has the opportunity to create an energy future that is less dependent on foreign supplies of fuel, that is protected against continual increases in the international energy prices, and that harnesses the transformative power of themarket. [...] To Get Off Electricity: 1.1 Provide a comprehensive program of incentives and zero In the case of solar and wood-based heating, the increased use of these interest loans to increase the rate of fuel switching across the locally available renewable sources of energy wouldmove us closer to the province through a targeted increase in Efficiency New energy self-sufficiency goal while puttingmore dolla [...] They typically achieve Industrial, institutional and commercial facilities currently burn large efficiencies of 70 to 90% compared to amounts of oil or natural gas to produce heat,hot water and steam but the 30% of large centralized power plant discard the potential to generate electricity that could be sold into the grid by where the vast amounts of heat using furnaces and boilers instead of comb [...] Environment Canada The Conservation Council of New Brunswick is calling for a scaling back of ranks New Brunswick as the sunniest province in Canada during the winter our electric power system to the community and industry level,where months, a fact that makes our communities, and small and big business can actively participate in the An Energy Self-Sufficiency Fund would facilitate the developmen



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