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A Diabetes Strategy for Canada




A DIABETES STRATEGY FOR CANADA Report of the Standing Committee on Health Bill Casey, Chair APRIL 2019 42nd PARLIAMENT, 1st SESSION Published under the authority of the Speaker of the House of Commons SPEAKER’S PERMISSION The proceedings of the House of Commons and its Committees are hereby made available to provide greater public access. [...] The parliamentary privilege of the House of Commons to control the publication and broadcast of the proceedings of the House of Commons and its Committees is nonetheless reserved. [...] National Diabetes Strategy Recommendation 1 That the Government of Canada, in partnership with the provinces and territories, and in collaboration with stakeholders such as Diabetes Canada, plan and implement an approach to the prevention and management of diabetes in Canada through a national diabetes strategy, as outlined in Diabetes Canada’s Diabetes 360°: A Framework for a Diabetes Strategy fo [...] According to the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC), diabetes mellitus is a chronic disease that occurs when the body is either unable to sufficiently produce or properly use insulin.4 Insulin is a hormone secreted by beta cells in the pancreas that enables the cells of the body to absorb sugar from the bloodstream and use it as an energy source. [...] Canada’s significant role in diabetes research: As we approach the 100th anniversary of the discovery of insulin by Fred Banting and colleagues at the University of Toronto in 1921, it's important to point out that Canadian researchers have played pivotal roles in the development of a number of other therapies in worldwide use for the treatment of diabetes.


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