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A clinical services plan for Yukon Territory




While the benefit from the input of these resources was substantial, accountability for the acquisition, collation, and interpretation of the qualitative and quantitative data, and the subsequent analytics, planning considerations, and clinical matrices, is that of the consultants, alone, and should not be attributed elsewhere. [...] Thank you for your commitment to an evidence-based study that provides forecast planning and a navigational tool to be applied to that planning, for the effective, efficient, and timely delivery of health and social services to the benefit of the residents of Yukon Territory. [...] These are summarized, as follows: • There is significant time expended by community nurses in the performance of non-nursing functions; depending on the size of the community and the number of vacancies, this time for PHCNs is estimated to be up to 20% and for PHCNICs, up to 50%; the communities providing solely public health (Whitehorse Health Centre, Dawson City Health Centre, and Watson Lake He [...] Central to a clinical services plan of value to the residents of Yukon Territory is the 8.7 expanded resourcing of ADS and mental health services, especially in the communities. [...] Summary of Key Findings and Recommendations n Key Findings During the conduct of the study, concern was expressed about the risk of the end of funding for the palliative care team.


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