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2017 Foreign Policy Review and Recommendations




To tackle the problems outlined above, this review’s goal is to develop a comprehensive The implementation of these recommenda- foreign policy strategy that will regain Canada’s tions will help to adapt the Foreign Service to middle power status by addressing changes to the specific needs of 21st century diplomacy, the instruments of diplomacy: the foreign. [...] To achieve this ambitious, yet direly needed goal, three objectives are crucial: The creation of a planning unit capable of developing the new strategy; The development of a whole-of-government approach to PD; The revitalization of the FS. [...] Pete Souza courtesy The White House Programmatic Needs Enlarge the capabilities of the SPO of GAC; Harmonize PD efforts of all departments and issue a whole-of-government PD strategy; Articulate a comprehensive foreign policy strategy; Introduce reforms to the FS to increase its capabilities and effectiveness and make it more accessible to the public. [...] Since the first part of this review has illustrated the urgent need for extensive reform of both the FS and the Canadian FP approach in general to prepare Canada for the global challenges of the 21st century, Option 2 is recom- mended. [...] According to the Report of the Standing Senate Committee on Human Rights released in Decem- ber 2016, Newcomer Integration and Settlement services require an increase in resources from the federal government in order to sufficiently address the needs of newcomers, particularly refugees in Canada.32 The inefficiencies of these programs are contributing to the extended time required for refugees to


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