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Lost in transmission

1 Nov 2007

With respect to BC Hydro electricity rates, the Energy Overall, the three paper critique points out that despite Plan extends in perpetuity the policy of setting rates the green veneer, the province’s Energy Plan is designed on the basis of the low historic costs of BC Hydro’s more than anything else to artifi cially increase the hydroelectric and other heritage assets, not the current market for [...] At the same time, provides estimates of the cost of the self-suffi ciency however, it extends in perpetuity, through the and insurance that the province is forcing BC Hydro Heritage Contract, the policy of selling electricity to pursue. [...] The chart below shows the amount of the new supply requirements that is due to the self- Amount of New Supply Requirements Due to Provisions in the Energy Plan 25 BC Hydro estimated that the attrition and outage factor that should be applied to its F2006 Call awards is 30% (BC Hydro, Report on the F2006 Call for Tender Process Conducted by BC Hydro, August 31, 2006, pp. [...] The value of the electricity they and average costs of supply, and thereby reduce the produce, as clearly indicated by current market prices benefi t British Columbians derive from BC Hydro’s and the cost of new supply, far exceeds the cost of unique hydro reservoir and generating assets.2 production. [...] The fi rst paper addressed the impacts and costs of the exaggerated need for In the oil and gas sector, major efforts are made new sources of power due to the self-suffi ciency and to capture the resource rents with royalties and insurance provisions in the Plan.
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