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2009 measuring & monitoring for success : 2009 measuring and monitoring for success




The core mandate of the Health Quality Council of Alberta is to measure, monitor and assess the quality and safety of health care services in Alberta and to support improvement through collaboration with service-providing organizations, health professionals and Alberta Health and Wellness. [...] What is the relative value of investing in alternative the health system are often not models or processes of care in terms of health care quality and health captured and it is difficult to break outcome? [...] While this may The necessary measures need to be established to track patient-level costs be sufficient or even desirable for in more detail on one side of the equation, and the quality of care and outcomes obtained for those expenditures on the other. [...] Section 3.0: Achieving a Balance offers conclusions To assess and maximize the value of Alberta’s health about the current status of health care measurement care expenditure while improving the quality of care in Alberta and possible directions for the future. [...] In 2003, 2004, 2006 and 2008, the HQCA conducted a The Alberta Quality Matrix for Health defines acceptability survey called Satisfaction with Health Care Services: A as health services that are respectful and responsive to Survey of Albertans.10 The survey results shown in user needs, preferences and expectations.


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