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Where in the World Are Canadian Oil and Gas Companies? 2017 /

30 Jul 2019

The year highlighted the broad decline of Canadian oil and gas companies’ activities in terms of the total number of Canadian companies operating internationally, the number of countries that the companies are active in, and the total Canadian produced levels of oil, natural gas liquids (NGL) and natural gas. [...] Canadian E&P companies produced a total of 721,488 barrels of oil equivalent a day (boe/d) of oil, NGL and natural gas in 30 of the 55 countries where Canadian activity occurred, a decrease of 36 per cent in comparison to 2015. [...] This report provides an account of emerging trends in the 2017 year of study and highlights variations in the level of global activities of Canadian oil and gas (O&G) companies between 2015 and 2017. [...] A. REGIONAL OVERVIEW Table 1 presents the number of active Canadian E&P companies in the seven regions of analysis in 2017 and compares it to the regional presence of companies in 2015. [...] An econometric analysis of these factors and their effects on foreign direct investment will be examined in an upcoming School of Public Policy publication titled “Why in the World are Canadian Oil and Gas Companies Reducing International Activities?”.6 To illustrate the extent of the impact of Canadian exploration activities worldwide, excluding Canada, Table 2 displays the level of total product
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