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A review of the mortality experience of children and youth in care




A Review of the Mortality Experience of Children and Youth in Care: 1986 to 2005, British Columbia, An Updated Technical Report of the Provincial Health Officer for B. C.* in Cooperation with The Child and Youth Officer for B. C., The Ministry for Children and Family Development, and The B. C. Vital Statistics Agency September, 2006 * This document updates data presented in a previous Technical Re [...] Page 5 September 2006 Summary Comparisons of CYIC with the B. C. Child Population The proportion of CYIC as a percentage of the Causes, as compared to CYIC in other age provincial child population has changed over time, groups. [...] Aboriginal children are over-represented in the CYIC caseload (46% in 2001-2005) relative to The mortality rates of CYIC were significantly the provincial child population (about 7% in higher than those of the provincial child 2001).* population in all age groups and both genders. [...] Page 8 September 2006 Methodology and Limitations Methods The child and youth clients of the Ministry of An epidemiological study of mortality comparisons Children and Family Development (MCFD) can be requires the determination of a case definition and the placed into two basic groupings: either children and population at risk, to obtain both numerator and youth in care (CYIC) or family support (F [...] Provincial the purposes of this analysis, to enable two of the population estimates (as of July 1) were based on the deaths to be assigned probable specific causes, with national Census for Census years, and as estimated the other death being considered as an unknown by BC STATS of the Ministry of Finance and natural cause.


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