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A clinical and economic review of telephone triage services and survey of Canadian call centre programs : Telephone triage services and survey of Canadian call centre programs




The goal of teletriage is to determine the level of care required Conclusions by the caller and to discuss the options and urgency • About 50% of calls to teletriage services can be for care. [...] To examine the costs and cost-effectiveness of • The limited number of evaluations of teletriage • teletriage services programs in Canada show minimal evidence of their clinical impact (e.g. [...] The goal of teletriage is to assess the level and urgency of health care required. [...] For the RCTs, the Jadad scale (possible values zero through five) was used to allocate two points for randomization, two points for blinding and one point for a description of withdrawals.1 We evaluated the one CCS using the Newcastle-Ottawa quality assessment scale.2 The two PPS and one TSS were assessed for the quality of their designs.3 Because the included studies varied in their designs, we d [...] Of the four RCTs assessing the effect of teletriage on hospitalization, two studies found significant reductions and two found no difference in the rates of hospitalization within 24 hours of the call.


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