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Dismantling the Welfare Wall for Persons with Disabilities /




They can articulate the nature of the good or service, the eligibility criteria to qualify for those provisions, the application procedures, and the associated expectations or requirements. [...] The higher the net income of the household, the lower the value of these measures. [...] The welfare system’s provision of labour market supports – such as affordable child care, assistance with the cost of employment-related expenses, and educational and training opportunities − adds to the height of the welfare wall and makes it difficult for many recipients to leave or stay off social assistance. [...] REMOVING THE BRICKS IN THE WELFARE WALL Despite the fact that the study was undertaken on behalf of the Ontario Fair Tax Commission, it concluded that the welfare wall problem would not be most effectively tackled just through tax changes. [...] In terms of benefit levels in particular, the most effective way to assess the adequacy of any income program is to compare it to a recognized baseline or standard measure and then determine how far the payment diverts from that measure.


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