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A systematic approach for identifying the psychological health and work-related determinants of occupational disability in a target sector : Approche systématique d'identification des déterminants de l'incapacité liés au travail et à la santé psychologique dans un secteur ciblé




IRSST – A Systematic Approach for Identifying the Psychological Health and Work-Related i Determinants of Occupational Disability in a Target Sector ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS This study was made possible through the involvement of the officials of the Québec government agency concernedand the support of the relevant unions. [...] These factors were the impact of the work activity demands pertaining to performance; the impact of the work activity demands pertaining to service (customer management); the perceived workload; and the impact of the work activity demands pertaining to unforeseen events and interruptions. [...] The results of this consensus were submitted to all the investigators on the team in order to obtain agreement on the measures and variables to be included in the survey, the employee selection criteria, and the data collection criteria for the survey. [...] Lastly, a document in the form of a diagram that summarized the objectives and the means to be implemented for better understanding the deterioration in health and the increase in absenteeism was consulted. [...] The extrinsic effort score ranges from 6 to 24 and the intrinsic effort score from 29 to 116; the higher the score, the more distressed the person is by the efforts to be made.


health science and technology psychology research absenteeism behavioural sciences civil service disability employment factor analysis information information science labour mental illness mental disorders philosophy sampling social sciences workplace survey cognition qualitative educational assessment mental and behavioural disorder cognitive science intrinsic motivation presenteeism absenteeism (labor) amotivation emotional labor psychology, industrial social desirability industrial psychiatry mental workload cognitive load