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A strong Canadian auto industry in a fuel efficient future




Aspects of the auto manufacturing industry and the consumer automobile market in Canada are then presented, followed by a discussion of how industry and market policies could be aligned to benefit the auto sector, consumers and the environment. [...] Table of Contents Vehicle Fuel Efficiency and the Case for Regulated Standards 1 The Auto Manufacturing Industry in Canada 4 The Consumer Automobile Market in Canada 7 Aligning the Auto Industry and Markey Policies 12 Concluding Remarks 15 Pollution Probe 18 A Strong Canadian Auto Industry in a Fuel Efficient Future Vehicle Fuel Efficiency and the Case for Regulated Standards Environmental and eco [...] The advancements to improve fuel efficiency figures on page 3 offer one explanation why: levels, despite the pricier fuel regime.8 as technology is added to a vehicle to raise Opportunities to improve fuel efficiency were fuel economy, the incremental price of the often traded off against increases in other vehicle increases — but so do the fuel savings. [...] The US and Canadian vehicle markets are Due to the differences in the Canadian and different in this way, but also in other ways. [...] Otherwise, the potential of Canada’s The shift in Canada’s auto market towards market to contribute to the global demand smaller vehicles is part of a developing global for fuel efficient vehicles and technologies trend.



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