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2019 National Opinion Poll




The 2019 National Opinion Poll: Canadian Views on High-Tech Investment from Asia is the first thematic survey of the year with a focus on Asian direct investment in the Canadian high-tech sector. [...] The rise of Asia as a technological powerhouse and as a source of growing outbound foreign direct investment (FDI) underscores the importance of the region to Canada’s high-tech businesses and overall economic growth. [...] Against this backdrop, the 2019 National Opinion Poll: Canadian Views on High-Tech Investment from Asia aims to understand Canadian attitudes toward Asian FDI in the Canadian high-tech sector, key drivers of these attitudes, and the expected role of the government in engaging Asia in the sector. [...] The probability of opposition to a project drops substantially from 50% when no information is available to 40% when the message was given that the project passed the national security review, and further down to 35% when the message states that the project is believed to lead to significant job 18 creation. [...] Predicted probability of a project being opposed based on the “outcome” factor 50% 40% 35% None The project has passed the The project is estimated to national security review by create a significant number of the Canadian government jobs for the local community Note: The probabilities are calculated based on statistical modelling results, controlling for the effects of other factors.


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