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A Canadian energy strategy framework : Cadre pour une stratégie énergétique canadienne : un guide pour bâtir l'avenir du Canada en tant que chef de file mondial en matière d'énergie




Canada for the future energy mix, reduces Although small in population, Canada has the environmental impacts of our energy created one of the richest and most peaceful system and spurs research and democracies in the world. [...] One of the key components of the federal government’s energy policy is that the constitutional division of powers between the federal and provincial governments is respected and that provinces are recognized as the managers of natural resources within their boundaries. [...] Improving Energy Literacy - Recommendation The contribution that energy literacy can make to improving the effectiveness of energy efficiency regulations and programs, to inform energy end-users, to develop policy and business models, and to engage people in dialogue about Canada’s future opportunity as global energy supplier can be realized through the following: ‣ To realize the potential contri [...] This understanding led EPIC to the following recommendation: Recommendation ‣ We recommend that the 2012 Energy and Mines Minsters’ Conference joint venture with the federal and provincial Environmental Ministers to host a series of regional meetings over the next year, with the goal of developing a framework for a broad carbon management regime to be reviewed at a joint Energy and Environment Min [...] It is a well established common law principle that a right to mines and minerals includes the right to do all things necessary to work and recover the minerals.4 In other words, since a grant of mineral rights is essentially meaningless unless accompanied by the right to actually recover those minerals, it is assumed that the grant of mineral rights includes the right to recover the minerals as we


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