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A framework for health outcomes analysis : Cadre d'analyse des résultats pour la santé : études de cas sur le diabète et la dépression




We conduct surveys of Canadians and collect administrative data to understand the status of the nation’s health, characteristics and behaviours that promote health or place us at risk of ill health, interactions of Canadians with the health system, direct measures of health, dynamics of health over time and health outcomes. [...] About This Report There is a growing need for information to understand the degree to which investments in health care and treatment interventions have a positive impact on the health and well-being of Canadians.1–3 While annual investments in health care are large, the ways in which health interventions may produce a range of health outcomes are difficult to measure and there are limited data ava [...] It describes the complex interplay between the various factors that can influence health outcomes Place/Environment Characteristics of the Health Care System Process of Structure of Quality of Health Care Health Care Health Care Care Path Outcomes • Patient-Related Outcomes Need for Intervention Intervention(s). [...] The outcome of interest depends on the reason for the analysis, and the perspective of those who will use its results: • Health status measures: For the case study analyses included in this report, and for most of the existing health outcome research, the primary outcome of interest is change in health status as a result of a health care intervention. [...] In addition to health status, defined in terms of functioning, it is also important to characterize patients in terms of diseases—both the severity of the disease, which is the object of a given intervention, and any co-existing or comorbid conditions.


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