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A literature review on the amalgamation of police services in Canada / : Amalgamation of police services in Canada




The trend toward the consolidation of smaller police services into regional police services in Canada is similar to what is occurring in the United States and the United Kingdom (King, 2009). [...] This fear of the loss of local control is reminiscent of a previous revolution and centralization program in policing that took place in the years following the introduction of the first local “bobbies” in the mid-nineteenth century. [...] LITERATURE REVIEW ON THE AMALGAMATION OF POLICE SERVICES IN CANADA PUBLIC SAFETY CANADA 4 = 3. Regionalization literature Perhaps one of the more influential and timely assessments of police regionalization was commissioned by the Ontario Police Commission in 1978. [...] In British Columbia, the issue of police amalgamation was resurrected as a viable option in increasing coordination of police homicide investigations in the recommendations of the report of the Commission of Inquiry on Missing Women (Oppal, 2012). [...] Grant (1992) conducted a similar study of policing arrangements for the Solicitor General of New Brunswick and recommended the regionalization of police services concomitant to the re- organization and regionalization of local government in that province.



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