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2017 Arts Professionals Survey




Those working in Literary Arts and Visual Arts are the most likely to report working within only one discipline, with 63% of those working in Literary Arts and 53% of those working in Visual Arts reporting that they work only in that one discipline. [...] Of those arts professionals who do not hold multiple roles, those who identify as a professional artist (39%) are able to spend at least 30 hours per week in that work compared to 81% of arts administrators and 34% of arts educators. [...] Arts Educator Years in the Field There is a relatively even split between those new to their roles as arts professionals, and those who have spent significantly longer in the field: w 34% of survey respondents report under 10 years as an arts professional w 29% of survey respondents report 10-19 years as an arts professional w 36% of survey respondents report 20 or more years as an arts profession [...] The west side of Calgary houses the majority of arts professionals who live in Calgary, with two thirds of arts professionals living in a NW or SW neighborhood. [...] Visible minorities are more likely to be living in housing that does not meet the definition of suitable size for number of occupants (88% of visible minority respondents live in suitable housing compared to 96% of those not reporting as a visible minority).


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