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A statistical profile on the health of First Nations in Canada : Vital statistics for Atlantic and western Canada, 2001/2002




Mortality data was categorized by the International Classification of Diseases, Version •. Fertility Rate 10 (ICD-10); codes and details of codes are provided in Appendix 1. Of the death data used The fertility rate is calculated by dividing in this report approximately 87% of the records the number of live births by the number of were complete for infant deaths (<1 year of age at females of repro [...] The age-standardized The crude mortality rate is calculated by rate is calculated by using the direct method, dividing the number of deaths during a year multiplying the age-specific mortality rates by the total population for the same calendar of a population by the standard population year. [...] In this report, the standard The rate of natural increase is a measure population used is the 2001 and 2002 First of population growth (in the absence of Nations population. [...] The ratios of the some regions the on- and off-reserve Registered rates for First Nations to the corresponding (Status) First Nations population are included in rates for the general Canadian population the analyses (Alberta and British Columbia), while indicate the relative magnitude of the two for others, only on-reserve Registered First Nations rates. [...] Birth data for Age Distribution of the First Nations Registered (Status) First Nations were provided Population in Canada by all five regional offices, while death data for Registered First Nations were provided by Figure 1 shows the changes in the age distribution Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British of the Registered (Status) First Nations population Columbia regional offices only.


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